Wednesday, 17 January 2018

All Your IoT Devices - One Platform‎

What makes the Internet of Things (#IoT) plausible and relevant in the recent times?

IoT is revolutionizing the way we live. With an unlimited scope of bringing  a 360 degree change in every aspect of life by interfacing every device with internet, it rather simplifies some of the most complex processes. From industries to corporate business houses to the residential communities, every entity is poised to benefit from such a futuristic development in the technology spectrum. So, what is the core element of IoT that makes it so adorable?

It is all about
(i) interconnecting devices using various standards
(ii) collecting all possible data including device health parameters, environmental / operating conditions, measured values etc,
(iii) consolidation and transmission of those data using available channels following various protocols,
(iv) storing in a cloud for further analysis,
(v) observations and decisions based on those data and
(vi) implement decisions.  Data transmission would be essentially secured, sustainable and reusable within the purview of standard internet protocols.
Technology development in all the above said areas actually helped to form a framework called IoT. Such framework has the potential to transform every device to a smarter one to help us to work and live,  better than today.

Assessing the challenges and limitations

IoT  has its own set of limitations and presumptive challenges even though most of the techniques and technologies are being used today in different forms. As many would imagine, they are mostly about privacy concerns and over dependence on technology applications. These challenges appeared to inhibit the success of Cloud storage technology in the past as well. As it is pretty well established today, Cloud is one of the most secure data storage platforms, also facilitating individual user access and data management. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration in predicting the same for IoT, enhancing user experience with absolute efficiency to a new horizon altogether.

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